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Turf Laying Services Sydney


Do you want new turf on your lawn or garden? When it comes to turfing many property owners think to do a DIY process for your turf laying but it is probably not a good idea.

Laying turf includes a lot of tough tasks with the proper equipment and it is quite a physical job. It is a tough task cause you need to use lots of energy and muscle power for it.

Since this project needs sustainable strength, appropriate tools, and skills, you might need help from a turf-laying company. Agree or not you’ll sometimes you’ll need trained professionals for help to get better results.

So, Let Jam Pool Removal help you with your turf laying service in Sydney.

Professional Turf Installation Sydney : Multiply Your Lawn Beauty

Turf Laying service operates on all sides of turf installation, including proper elimination of old grass, soil testing, topsoil levelling, and adding of new turf.

We get involved from the starting of the turf laying project and carry out the entire turf laying plan and end up the project with the assurance of outstanding outcomes.

Afterward, our professional will advise you on watering, fertilizing, mowing, and maintenance hacks to ensure that your newly installed turf in the lawn looks healthy and green all year round. Besides this, we help you choose the turfgrass you are going to lay.

Turf Laying Process Executed By Jam Pool  Removals

All of our turf laying experts are professionally trained and have years of experience in this field. All turf we install is delivered from quality suppliers. Get the best turf installation to meet your expectation with Jam Pool Removals- the expert in turf laying in Sydney.

The graceful lawn is acquired by simply applying the following steps:

  • Step 1. Geeting lawn ready for the project
  • Step 2. Remove existing items from the lawn
  • Step 3. Measuring the area of laying
  • Step 4. Find the right turf for your garden
  • Step 5. Test your soil pH and adjust it if necessary
  • Step 6. Use topsoil for the level of the lawn is uneven.
  • Step 7. Before laying sod thoroughly spread the fertilizer over the topsoil.
  • Step 8. Lay the turf all over the lawn or required area of lawn
  • Step 9.Turf watering thoroughly
  • Step 10. Provide useful tips for immediate and long term care of turf

Tips: According to the season, soil, the weather condition in your location, or lawn, need extensive watering and care. Don’t step on the turf for the first 2,3 weeks after laying it. Newly installed turf needs trimming 1 or 2 times a month so that the grass root system can grow deeper.

Want professional Turf Laying service in Sydney NSW Area? Just Pick up the phone and dial at 0401-007-895 to get FREE of cost Turf Laying Inspection and Quotation. Our Sydney Pool Removal Experts contact you to discuss your Turf Laying needs.

Do you have any questions about turf laying?

We know you are going to take a big decision about your pool removal. You have various things in your mind about your pool removal project. Here are some common frequently asked questions you may also ask before signing your inground swimming pool removal from your property.

How much does it cost to lay turf laying in the Sydney NSW area?

The cost of turf installation in 2021 ranges from around $2747 to $6,667, averaging around $4,075. Generally, the cost of the turf laying is based on the area or per sq. ft, which ranges from $0.90 to $ 2 per square foot. It is expensive to install turf but it is an eco-friendly option than artificial grass installation.

How long it takes to complete turf lying?

Turf laying is based on project size. Approximately, a turf laying expert can lay a 60 square in an early day easily. Once they lay a 100 square meter, the remaining lawn can be laid on for a few hours.

Is it cheaper to turf or seed?

Generally speaking, turf is seven times expensive than seeds. If compared to ornamental turf, grass seed is ten times cheaper. It is good to opt for seed over the turf in the terms of cost but one disadvantage of the seed is it takes longer to grow, needs proper maintenance, sun, water, and fertilizer.

What types of soil base do we use for turf laying?

Generally, we use sand and sandy loam soil for turf laying cause they are the ideal soil base as they are don’t absorb much water and don’t dense as much as soils with high organic components. They are easier to level for turfing. Although, the soil base for turf laying is based on the needs of your lawn.

What is the best time of year to lay turf?

Turf can be done any time of the year. Although, mid-autumn and at the end of winter(when the weather is not wet or frosty) is the ideal time of year to lay the turf. Turf grows faster in summer, spring, and early autumn.

Do I need topsoil before laying turf?

It depends on the quality of your soil. If lawn soil is poor quality and not maintained pH level of soil over the years. Before laying turf you need to test your soil and if it is not in better condition, give your turf the best start at changing to its new environment by including a new layer of topsoil. For the ideal turf laying it needs around four inches of topsoil to root in.

What is the best lawn turf?

Ideal turf depends on the place or area of laying the turf. Different places have different needs and deterioration for turf. According to the property owners, the best lawn turf is a blend of ryegrass, smooth stalked meadow grass, and fescue grasses.

Can turf be laid on the top of the grass?

Turf can be layered over the old top grass, but the outcome will not much better in a long term. The new turf will grow over old turf, although, your lawn will decay over time as the old grass dies. For the best outcome, you should remove old grass or vegetation before laying the new one.


If you need any landscaping, turfing service in Sydney or it’s around Western Sydney, but cover greater Sydney, Wollongong, central coast, Newcastle & Hunter Region, talk to the expert at Jam Pool Removal.

With the skill and experience to serve customers get all their lawn or gardening dreams, we are happy and wager to help you around the Sydney area too. Get in touch with us today for a free quote, or ask questions you might have. Call us at 0401-007-895 and get instant turf installation today.

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