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Sydney Inground Swimming Pool Removal


Are you trapped in an inground swimming pool that you don’t want?

Then get rid of it immediately and enjoy your yard. Our Sydney Based Inground Pool Removal Experts helps you get rid of your old or damaged or unwanted pool because it is too dangerous to use, source of expenses; maintenance and repairs, risky or deadly to the family with toddlers, pets, and seniors.

Types of Inground Pool Removal we offer in Sydney NSW Area

There are different types of inground swimming pool owners have but from our more than 15+ years of experience we found mainly 3 types of inground pools in the Sydney NSW area.

Concrete In-ground Swimming Pool

As for concrete/gunite swimming pool, removal or demolition need the same processes. As professionals, we see concrete/gunite swimming pools as the same. Concrete pools normally have a concrete shell that is supported with a metal bar. These pools have tile around the lid of the walls that are capped with a coping. The coping is normally a stone gravel product.

Vinyl Lined In-ground Swimming Pool

The vinyl liner swimming pool is specially made of a sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool outline, the same as that of a heavy-duty shower curtain. The vinyl-lined pool has a form that contains essentially of wallboard. The wallboard is either aluminum, steel, or plastic. Some of the older vinyl liner pools have gravel block walls. Older vinyl liner pools have masonry block walls. Grout is the base of vinyl-lined pools.

Fiberglass In-ground Swimming Pool

Fiberglass inground pools are kind different from other types of inground swimming pools. This swimming pool is a pre-designed pool’s shells that are made of fiberglass.


Removing an inground pool is a large process. Whether you’re going to DIY or hire a contractor, you will want a helpful tool to complete the work. Here are the common machinery equipment tools Jam Pool Removals use to remove the pool in the Sydney NSW and nearby areas:

  • Excavator with rubber tracks.
  • Soil compactor
  • Jackhammer or heavy-duty drill.
  • Rebar cutter
  • Sledgehammer
  • Skidsteer
  • Truck for pouring infill.
  • Dumpster for storing debris and hauling it away.
  • And other common hand tools.

The pool removal project is an expensive one, especially if it is inground pool removal. So one should get the estimates from different companies just to gather the opinions and know the best services providing professionals.
Our experts suggest that it is better to get multiple quotes, at least from three pool demolition and removal companies in your area. Don’t Forget to ask as many as questions when you getting quotation for your swimming pool removal.

You’ll always get an professional estimate in written form with all relevant details when you do FREE consultant with Jam Pool Removals. The estimates we cover are:

  • Service delivering (start and completion) date of the project.
  • The payment scheme for the project.
  • Pool removal permits and payment responsibility.
  • The tools and equipment that will be used throughout the removal project.
  • Safety precautions will be applied to protect property from any damages.
  • What to do if customers have any queries or need to change orders etc

After the successful completion of the inground pool removal project, the pool is just a memory. Cause our experts put extra care and precautions to fill, and ensure the lawn remains firm and healthy with proper drainage.

We provide quality service at a reasonable price with the help of certified contractors. We provide free quotes and written estimates and provide permits on the behalf of the customers. We carefully consider how to get access to the pool and the types of tools that are best for your swimming pool and yard.

Still Thinking about your inground pool removal ? Just Pick up the phone and dial at 0401-007-895 to get FREE of cost Inground Pool Inspection and Quotation. Our Pool Removal Experts contact you to discuss your pool removal needs soon.

We know you are going to take a big decision about your pool removal. You have various things in your mind about your pool removal project. Here are some common frequently asked questions you may also ask before signing your inground swimming pool removal from your property.

How much does it cost to remove the inground pool in the Sydney NSW area?

The Inground Swimming pool removal cost depends upon your location, the pool size & type you have and pool removal contractors you choose.

With our more that 15 Years+ of experience we show the local Sydney NSW pool removal companies quote the average cost to remove an inground pool falls between $3,500 to $15,000 for a medium-sized inground swimming pool with relatively easy access. Although the price of pool removal can increase to well over $10,000 for a large pool with a huge decoration and tough pool access.

How much time does it take to remove an inground swimming pool?

Again the Answer depends upon the size, types of the pool and the pool removal contractors you hire. With the experience of Hundreds of pool removals Jam Pool Removals teams take on average 2 to 5 days from start to completion to complete inground pool removal. The removal and fill process will only take around 3 days, but city inspections can make work delay this by 2 days.

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