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Sydney Spa Pool & Hot Tub Removal


Getting a dip into your hot tub and spa pool is a splendid way to relax and calm your body after a diurnal hectic life. Apparently from removing an old or damaged hot tub and spa can be more than frustrating. Aside from that, dragging the broken pieces and fitting them in a skip bin can be almost difficult. 

If you have an old hot tub and spa that’s ahead for repair or simply unwanted there’s no reason to keep it twisting approximately. The sharp broken corners or edges and their bluff size occupy a vital amount of area, making it unsafe for your family members and your property.

Steps we use to remove the hot tub and spa pool in Sydney Area:

Having more than 15+ Years of experience and trusted by over 2700+ pool owners our professional’s removalists know how to successfully remove a spa or hot tub without any damage. We are equipped with a cart and all the other things you need to remove or move your hot tub and spa from the truck to the area you want. We’ll even unpack it and pull the trash with the following steps:

  • Step 1: We measure the size of your hot tub or spa and the pathways and driveways through it will pass.
  • Step 2: We bring a truck that can accommodate the hot tub or spa size with a hydraulic lift or ramp.
  • Step 3: Detach the spa, roll with the power cable, protect it in a waterproof bag and place it inside the storage section of the truck.
  • Step 4: Disconnect the water supply, drain the spa, and wait to dry the hot tub and spa completely.
  • Step 5: Separate the spa cover
  • Step 6: Smoothly lift the hot tub and set it on one piece of wood below each corner of the spa.
  • Step 7: Skate the dolly under the spa and attach it in place using straps.
  • Step 8: Cover the spa with furniture blankets to protect it.
  • Step 9: Delicately wheel the spa onto the truck and tie it in place.
What other removals services are provided through us?

We, jam pool removals will dispose of many kinds of unwanted materials including concrete pool removals, above-ground pool removal, and below-ground pool removal, fiberglass pool removal, concrete pool removal, and commercial removal services, turf laying services, and many more. When requesting this type of service, be as specific as possible about your demands to get an accurate quote.

Still, Thinking about your unused spa or hot tub removal? Just Pick up the phone and dial at 0401-007-895 to get FREE of cost hot tub Pool Inspection and Quotation. Our Pool Removal Experts contact you to discuss your removal needs.
How much does it cost to remove a hot tub in the Sydney NSW area?

The average expense of a spa removal service is around $200 per work. Though, quotes can increment to above $400 for bigger positions.
Subsequently, the expense to remove your spa will be reliant on its size, if it’s over the ground or not, and that it is so hard to get to.

Key Element: Be sure to verify accurately what is and isn’t covered in any quotes you’re comparing.

How long does it take to remove a spa or hot tub?

We offer a same-day service if you plan early enough in the day. It depends upon what amount of time you booked us and how it will require to eliminate your specific spa. To appoint on a day that is comfortable for you, ensure your booking at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Can I remove the Spa(DIY)?

Homeowners can apply DIY for Spa and Hot Tub removal but they need some experience in this field and appropriate tools to complete the task. While applying DIY carries a high risk of property damage, Injuries. That’s why let pool removal contractors help you and provide your expected result. A team of experts will apply safe and efficient methods to remove unwanted spas and hot tubs from your property properly.


For your safety and convenience, professional removalists from Jam Pools Removals will support you in your hot tub and spa removal. And, most importantly you don’t have to make a mess and worry about the pickup and get rid of it since we’ll do everything for you.

Moreover, our professional team is equipped with the tools and skills to take out hot tubs of any size. Aside from that, we are available at your convenient hours from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

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Do you want to get rid of an old hot tub? Then Ring us at 0401-007-895  or contact us so that we help you to get rid of your unused spa and hot tub from your house. Contact us now to get a free estimate or consultation.

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